Eric Neuenschwander wird Deputy Chief Legal Officer bei Zenotta AG

Wie heute bekannt wurde, wechselt Eric Neuenschwander von Niederer Kraft Frey zur Zenotta AG, wo er Deputy Chief Legal Officer wird. Die neue Position bringt Eric Neuenschwander mitten in den Bereich Blockchain. Bei diesem Wechsel könnte durchaus die MME-Connection eine Rolle gespielt haben. Eric Neuenschwander war vor NKF bei MME tätig, und Chief Legal Officer der Zenotta AG ist kein geringerer als Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer.

Das Mission Statement der Zenotta AG sieht wie folgt aus: „A digital world needs digital content that can be owned. A data-driven democracy needs data that is sovereign, with rights, emancipation, and identity. A world where data becomes a digital asset, empowering artists, musicians, content creators and individuals, as well as businesses and institutions of all kinds. Zenotta introduces Smart Data, a decentralized file format leveraging the power of encryption and blockchain technology to create programmable data that can be truly owned, with identity, rights, intelligence and privacy embedded at the data level. The decentralized file format reinvents the notion of secure, cold storage and enables it by state rather than by location. As the owner of the data, your claim and control of the data is based on identity rather than access, with immutability of the historical record provided by the Zenotta blockchain. With full control over your data imparted through symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and a programmable metadata layer, you can choose how your data is used, or not used, in every sphere.“

CV von Eric Neuenschwander

Ab Mai 2021: Deputy Legal Counsel Zenotta AG

2020-April 2021: Associate bei Niederer Kraft Frey

2019-2020: Columbia Law School in New York, LL.M.

2017-2019: Associate bei MME in Zürich

2017: Anwaltspatent des Kantons Zürich

2015-2016: Anwaltssubstitut bei FRORIEP

2013-2015: IBM Schweiz, studentischer Mitarbeitender

2009-2015: Studium der Rechtswissenschaften Universität Zürich (MLaw und BLaw)

Portrait von Eric Neuenschwander bei Zenotta

Eric Neuenschwander wird auf der Website der Zenotta AG wie folgt portraitiert: „Eric is an experienced IT and corporate Lawyer with a strong focus on blockchain, data protection and outsourcing/cloud computing. Prior to joining Zenotta, Eric has gained several years of experience working as an Associate in Swiss Top Tier Law Firms, advising clients on all legal issues in digital law. During his studies at University of Zurich (MLaw, magna cum laude) he worked for several years in the legal department of IBM Switzerland. Eric also holds an LL.M. from Columbia University in New York City (with honours, Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar).“

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