Walder Wyss berät BC Platforms bei Wachstumsfinanzierung unter Führung von Jolt Capital

Walder Wyss berät BC Platforms im Zusammenhang mit der von Jolt Capital angeführten Wachstumsfinanzierung in Höhe von USD 20 Millionen.

BC Platforms ist ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Datenmanagement und -analyse im Gesundheitswesen. Die neue Finanzierung wird dazu beitragen, die Expansion der Datenbasis des Unternehmens zu beschleunigen und die Position des Unternehmens als führender europäischer Datenanbieter und Wegbereiter der personalisierten Präzisionsmedizin zu festigen, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf der Beschaffung klinisch wertvoller Real-World Data (RWD) aus europäischen und asiatischen Ländern liegt. Ziel ist es, den Nutzern der BCP-Dienste, zu denen mehr als zehn der weltweit grössten Pharmaunternehmen gehören, bis 2026 über 100 Millionen zugängliche Probanden zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Team von Walder Wyss

Das Team von Walder Wyss bestand aus Alexander Gutmans (Partner, Corporate/M&A and Venture Capital), Karina Tschon (Associate, Corporate/M&A and Venture Capital) und Lucas Maurer (Associate, Corporate/M&A and Venture Capital).

Information zur Transaktion durch BC Platforms

BC Platforms informierte wie folgt über die Transaktion:

BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics, today announced it has closed a CHF 20 million (approx. USD 20 million) financing round. This growth equity financing was led by new investor Jolt Capital (HQ Paris), a fully independent private equity firm that specialises in growth capital deeptech investing in Europe.

The new financing will help accelerate the expansion of the company’s data footprint, consolidating the company’s position as the leading European data provider, and enabler of personalized precision medicine, with a focus on sourcing clinically valuable Real-World Data (RWD) from European and Asian countries. The goal is to provide users of BCP’s services, which include over ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, with over 100 million accessible subjects by 2026.

The financing will also accelerate the technology leadership of the company’s platform concerning data privacy, data harmonising functionalities and federated machine learning (AI) which can rapidly deliver powerful insights to life science researchers and clinicians. BCP’s services boost the speed of drug development, specifically around providing high-value healthcare data that accelerates industry’s research innovation, providing impactful R&D insights to bring more effective drugs to market more quickly, enabling affordable treatment developments for rare diseases. A major part of this core expertise includes BCP’s ‘Trusted Collaboration Environment’ (TCE). The financing will also be used to invest in BCP’s R&D coverage and grow its sales and marketing operations across the globe. The company is already present in the US, the UK, Finland, Switzerland, and Singapore.

TCE is a collaboration optimised environment created to ensure that healthcare organisations can share data with researchers globally while adhering to their local regulatory and privacy requirements. BCP has designed TCE to level the regulatory playing field for access to real-world data. It protects proprietary algorithms used to support artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches for better pattern recognition. TCE ensures that the developers of new medicines can focus on their research. As BCP originates from within Europe, it fundamentally understands European data privacy, and its unique data collection technology provides significant compliance advantages for drug developers.

Stimmen zur Transaktion

Tero Silvola, CEO von BCP, bemerkt: «Jolt Capital is the reference investor for European deeptech equity, and we are delighted that they have recognised us as a leader in our space. This significant investment provides a powerful boost on our mission to becoming Europe’s leading data provider, focussed on high quality RWD from multiple countries across several continents. More diverse patient data means better outcomes for patients, researchers, and society as a whole, as diagnostic and medicines are developed with the widest and fastest possible applicability. We will also be looking to build synergistic capabilities through future acquisitions.»

Laurent Samama, Managing Partner von Jolt Capital, erklärt: «As we are used to scale responsible deeptech companies from Europe, we saw the phenomenal power in BCP’s genomic data discovery and analytics platforms. Access to diverse and unique patient data, and samples, is becoming fundamental to the success of biotech and pharma companies, and the world’s future health. This is a considerable and fast-growing market where BCP is on track to emerge as a global leader.»

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