Bär & Karrer und Slaughter and May beraten IWG beim Zusammenschluss ihrer digitalen und technologischen Vermögenswerte mit The Instant Group

IWG Plc, ein international führender Anbieter von flexiblen Arbeitsplatzlösungen, kombiniert bestimmte ihrer digitalen und technologischen Vermögenswerte mit The Instant Group, einem führenden unabhängigen Anbieter von flexiblen Arbeitsplatzplattformen und -dienstleistungen. IWG Plc investiert GBP 270 Millionen für den Erwerb der Aktien und das Management von Instant wird voraussichtlich weitere GBP 50 Millionen in das fusionierte Unternehmen investieren. Der Zusammenschluss erfolgt mit dem Ziel, das fusionierte Unternehmen bis Ende 2023 am US-amerikanischen oder britischen Markt zu kotieren. Bär & Karrer ist als Schweizer Rechtsberaterin und Slaughter and May als internationale Rechtsberaterin für IWG Plc in dieser Transaktion tätig.

Team von Bär & Karrer

Das Team von Bär & Karrer wird von Mariel Hoch geleitet und besteht aus Urs Kägi, Luca Jagmetti, Sophie Aiko Müller, Dominic Leu und Jasmin Bächtold (alle M&A), Susanne Schreiber und Raoul Stocker (beide Steuern), Micha Schilling, Clarissa Marxer und Nico Hunziker (alle Finanzierung) sowie Thomas Stoltz und Mario Bünter (beide Notariat).

Information von IWG plc über die Transaktion

IWG plc informierte wie folgt über die Transaktion:

IWG plc („IWG“ or the „Company“), the world’s leading supplier of flexible workspace solutions, is pleased to announce that it has entered into contract to merge certain of its digital and technology assets with The Instant Group, a global business which operates as the world’s leading independent provider of flexible workspace platform and services (the „Merger“).  IWG will invest net cash of c.£270m to acquire the shares of selling shareholders and provide capital for growth with The Instant Group management investing a further c.£50m into the company.


–     This will create the world’s leading independent fully integrated workspace platform merging IWG’s industry facing digital technology assets and The Instant Group’s leading digital expertise

–     The Instant Group is a highly attractive business in the flexible workspace platforms market, operating globally delivering solutions in 18 countries across EMEA, Americas and APAC

–     The Instant Group has award winning digital marketing capabilities and provides solutions to 48% of the FTSE 100 and 42% of the S&P 500

–     It is expected that the business will, on a pre-synergy basis, nearly double its EBITDA in 2022 to approximately £31m. Post the merger and with synergies, the EBITDA is expected to be significantly higher

–     The directors believe the Merger will be earnings accretive in the first full year of ownership

–     Following completion, the key executive management of The Instant Group will run the business

–     It is anticipated that the newly merged company will be spun out by the end of 2023 via a listing on the US or UK markets, realising the value of the digital platform assets

Mark Dixon, IWG’s Chief Executive Officer commented: „I am delighted with the merger of IWG’s digital assets with The Instant Group. It’s a fantastic investment behind a world-class management team, positioning IWG to be a market leader in the digital-led future of workplace platforms. This creates a clear path for value creation and will harness the next generation of digital-native workers and the huge market potential of flexible working, building long-term and future-proof growth as the world’s leading supplier of flexible workspace solutions.“

Tim Rodber, The Instant Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented: „The office market has been irrevocably altered by the pandemic with hybrid working becoming the norm. Our clients have been asking us to expand our capabilities and geographic reach to help solve this challenge. Similarly, our partners that provide flexible workspace solutions have been asking for a better route to market for their products and an ability to monetise their capacity. This merger creates a marketplace for flexible workspace and begins to directly answer these challenges by simplifying where workers and the businesses they serve choose to work.“

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