Bär & Karrer beriet iKO Media Group bei der Partnerschaft mit STN Holdings Limited

Die iKO Media Group AG, eine spezialisierte, international ausgerichtete End-to-End Medien-Dienstleistungsanbieterin, ist eine Partnerschaft mit STN Holdings Limited eingegangen. Die STN Gruppe ist eine in Slowenien ansässige und etablierte globale Telekomunikations-Anlage, welche sich auf die Bereiche Satelliten-, Rundfunk-, Konnektivitäts- und Kollokationsdienste spezialisiert hat. Bär & Karrer war als Rechtsberaterin der iKO Media Group AG in dieser Transaktion tätig.

Team von Bär & Karrer

Das Team von Bär & Karrer wurde von Luca Jagmetti geleitet und bestand des Weiteren aus Arnold Romero, Sebastian Sutter und Yascha Fengler (alle Gesellschafts- und Handelsrecht) sowie Ruth Bloch-Riemer (Steuern).

Information der iKO Media Group über die Transaktion

Die iKO Media Group informierte wie folgt über die Transaktion:

iKOMG and STN anounce their strategic partnership. This partnership will surely provide added value to the customers of both companies, allowing the use of both companies’ services and abilities to bring together the optimal solution for the channel or content owners.

STN is a well-established, forward-thinking global teleport facility, firmly placed at the cutting edge of satellite, broadcast, connectivity, and co-location services. Based in Slovenia, the heart of Europe provides a strategic location that presents a wide visible arc of 120 degrees, allowing easy access to all major satellites’ orbital positions.

STN provides global telecommunication services in C-, Ku-, DVB-s, and Ka-band for all prime satellites to all continents around the world.

High level security and a well-connected facility allow STN to provide a comprehensive range of equipment hosting services for servers, TT&C, antenna with available ground space for larger scale projects.

With one of the world’s most highly developed internet infrastructures, the company has virtually unlimited capacities with complete double or triple redundancy/diversity options.

iKO Media Group AG is a Swiss entity with a state-of-the-art teleport in Rome, Italy, connected globally and providing tailor-made solutions focused on customer needs through dedicated service, expert knowledge, and high professionalism.

Recent company growth led to the broadcasting of almost 400 TV channels using 450 Mbps on satellites and 700 Mbps of IP for contribution delivery. iKOMG provides a full spectrum of services to broadcasters and content owners, such as automated, high-capacity playout management services, cloud services, EPG creation, disaster recovery solutions, monitoring feed, OTT platforms, and IP delivery. iKOMG differs from other service providers thanks to a holistic approach and a keen ability to offer the best-suited technology-based solutions for their customers.

To support growing demand, iKOMG and STN have established a strategic partnership focused on teleport and ground services, sports and event services, and OTT platforms. As one of the biggest and most experienced providers in Europe, STN is an excellent partner to help iKOMG provide faster, more reliable, and higher-quality services to its customers.

Stimmen zur Transaktion

“We’ve been talking with STN for a few months but finalized the dynamic partnership a few weeks ago. Our agreement has no defined timeline as we see the relationship delivering tremendous benefits for iKOMG, STN, and the combined customer base for years and years to come. We are excited to start building and developing alongside the great team at STN” said iKO Media Group’s Chairman, David Treadway.

“As our collaboration discussions progressed over the recent months it became quickly and mutually apparent to both companies of the great advantages to client services this robust combination could provide. This new partnership will give way to expansion and progress in every area of business. The expertise, industry experience and professionalism of both STN and iKOMG will bring a broader spectrum of enhanced service solutions to all clients.” Commented Mitja Lovsin, General Manager, STN.

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